Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Attention from Angel Investors

Numerous people better qualified than yours truly have written ad nauseum about getting attention from angel investors - just take a gander at my tweets. So why am I adding to the heap of already copious advice? Blame it on my current state of mind as I am in the midst of another round of prescreening companies for the VANTEC angels' monthly meeting. I am seeing plenty of entrepreneurs who need to focus less on technology (aka "shiny widgets") and more on their business model (aka "show me the money").

Here is MY checklist for entrepreneurs to get angel investors' attention:

(1) What is the problem? i.e. What is the market opportunity?
(2) What is the solution? i.e. What is the value proposition?
(3) Why do you think you would succeed? i.e. What is your competitive advantage?
(4) How do you plan to succeed? i.e. What is your business model and how are you going to execute it?

Once entrepreneurs have attracted the angels' attention, then the serious business of due diligence and check writing begins ... but that's another blog for another day!

Entrepreneurs and angel investors are in this together to realize on their new/big ideas and to create great businesses. If the venture proves successful (yes, exits!!), everybody - the entrepreneurs and the investors - can walk away with tons of money to fund more new/big ideas and create more great businesses.